“I Can Not Get Girls Because Girls Only Want [BLANK]” | Women Chase

Four friends accumulated collectively at a bar for a drink after work. As
they sipped all the way down their unique
drinks, the dialogue drifted to speak of women… and their numerous
with these people.

“i can not get ladies, bros,” sighed the good-looking guy forlornly.
it is
because – obviously! – they only would you like to date men with money.” He
appeared around at their friends, awaiting a response.

“Hmph,” stated the affluent guy, answering. “you imagine

you have

got it


cannot get women since they merely want to date dudes who’re tall!”

“Pssh, which is absolutely nothing,” stated the high guy. “The primary reason


can’t get girls is really because they
merely actually ever get with dudes who’re white.”

“That sucks, however you know very well what the worst is?” said the
average-married woman looking for man. “The worst is the fact that women


want to be viewed with men exactly who
are good-looking.”