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Meditation is a stress management tool for professionals, which works wonders to effectively reduce stress levels within the workplace.

By practicing meditation, your staff will feel more energised, gain self-knowledge and achieve a healthier and harmonic state of mind.

Corporate Care Therapies holds holistic meditation sessions in corporations nationally. These sessions can assist your team in learning meditation and relaxation techniques that will benefit them personally and professionally!

Our meditation course is a 6+ week program and is based on “mindfulness meditation”, a widely accepted meditation and mental centring practice used in professional sports, medicine, education and business.

Our course integrates meditation practice to increase capacities for mental awareness and resilience to stress.

The average boardroom, staff or meeting room is suitable, providing it is quiet and clean.

Classes can be conducted anytime across the working day, including sessions at lunchtime or before/after work.

On average, a meditation session goes for approximately 45 minutes.

Please call 0406 760 305 for more information, or to make a booking.

Did you know?

Did you know meditation has been found to lower cholesterol, ease pain, speed healing, curb insomnia, boost the immune system, and curtail anxiety and depression symptoms?