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Your workplace thriving with energy… like a bee-hive, there is a hum of activity. When you look around, you see everyone is focused, enthusiastic and productive – just the way you like them.

As individuals, we spend the majority of our waking hours in the workplace. That being said, the environment should be one that is loved, enjoyed and looked forward to everyday.

Corporate Care Therapies have created a series of innovative and affordable services to help businesses maintain an environment that is conducive to looking after and rewarding their staff.

What do Corporate Care Therapies offer?

  • Corporate/At-Desk Massage – Corporate massage (also known as at-desk massage / massage at work or workplace massage) is the ultimate way to relax, reward and revive your team! Workplace massage will rejuvenate your staff and increase productivity.
  • Event Massage – Exceed your delegate’s expectations; offer something unique and fulfilling at your next conference, meeting, sporting event or exhibition.
  • Meditation – Our meditation service helps you, and your staff, reset your stress levels, refocus, and walk away with clear productive minds.
  • Reflexology – Relax, revive and refresh with our reflexology services.
  • Yoga – Be proactive; reduce the tension in both the mind and body of your team with our yoga services.

Create a thriving workplace today!

Please call 0406 760 305 for more information about seated massage, workplace massage, or to make a booking for massage at work.